Self-Love VS. Beauty Standards — Poem №28

A Therapeutic Poetry Series

Cassandra Boom
1 min readMay 3, 2022
Girl With Balloon By Mark A. on Pixabay

I’m Finally free
Now Loving me

No longer doubt my sacred worth
Was real since birth
But something changed
Was incremental, slick and strange

A thin crust layer at a time
Beauty felt purchased, on my dime
Today I know
Though I don’t show

Myself in a specific way
My beautiful it doesn’t sway
Just grows, expands
I extend my hands

To others who struggle with this
The mirror, what they’d never kiss
Know your beauty is plan to see
Unique in nature, naturally

I see beauty as something more
A strong foundation, solid core
A superpower thing of sorts
Beauty is energy your smile supports

Beauty is how you make others feel
Beauty is your ability to be real
Beauty for all of us, it comes from within
Beauty goes much deeper than physical skin

Beauty can’t be purchased, it can’t be fake
There are no limits to what you can make
May you radiate beauty across the lands
And remember the power that’s in your hands



Cassandra Boom

Trauma-Informed Psychotherapist-in-Training & Editor of The Upside Publication. Podcaster & Poet that’s Radically Honest & Defiantly Happy. Hi!