Cassandra Boom
1 min readApr 27, 2022



Pain-Free Moments — Poem №26

Slowly Healing From Injury

My Pain-free moments
Become pain free hours
Become pain free days
I’m Navigating this maze
And thinking of all the ways

That I can reduce the pain
Working hard to remain
With worry there is no gain

So I’m doing my best
And trying to rest
I’m Feeling impressed

With my healing
With My ability for feeling
With the positive thoughts that are reeling

Though it’s pain
It’s Not in vain
Signal for attention gain

To my body I feel grateful
Worked my way here, I was hateful

Being injured is shit
But man do I have grit
I am physically fit
Full of wisdom and wit

Though forced, I’ve slowed down
Moved my schedule around
Both feet back on the ground
Somehow Lost am glad I’ve found

I Finally Took a breath
Slowing down felt like death
Now I’m glad I’ve discovered more depth

Within me
Was a plea
Now I’m quiet So I see
Slowing down feels like glee
I am free



Cassandra Boom

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