“I Spoke up, and it Was Horrible” — Poem №27

Cassandra Boom
1 min readMay 2, 2022

A Therapeutic Poetry Series

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

So you spoke up
And got ignored
Or they got bored

Now you regret
Showing your heart, you won’t forget
Being dismissed
Like you don’t exist
So now you’re pissed

What gives?
The child within

The bin
The trash
Is where you thrash
Your feelings wrath
They have no place
They get no space
Inside your life

How could you think they actually cared?
It’s not a friend, your teeth are bared
Issue at hand, complex and layered

Be patient, wait
Speak louder
Unfair to those Who misunderstand
Might I propose you don’t reprimand

Your friends who accidentally trigger
Wounds within you, may love be bigger
Than alternatives
May we forgive
And find ways to live
In trust

To assume the best, and to be just
Humans? Flawed.
Shouldn’t all be outlawed

Normalize second chances
Relationships are like dances
Truth is there’s no advances

When we cannot let go
Each connection, a chance to grow
Yes there’s an ebb but there’s also flow
To Show us things we didn’t know

I’m grateful for conflict, For misunderstandings
for clarification without reprimanding
I’m grateful for times we do not feel aligned
Intentionality, the salve for the blind



Cassandra Boom

Trauma-Informed Psychotherapist-in-Training & Editor of The Upside Publication. Podcaster & Poet that’s Radically Honest & Defiantly Happy. Hi!