Health is Wealth – Poem № 8

A Therapeutic Poetry Series

Cassandra Boom
2 min readFeb 9, 2022

If all we had to do to be rich was be healthy

Tell me the truth, would you be broke or wealthy?

What would happen if mental health was also included ?

How many more people would be broke and deluded?

We live in a world that tells us a big story

Of dreams coming true and of war being glory

We can’t even say that real richness means thriving

Yet financial gain has us dreaming and striving

As if Bezos is GOD and his riches anointed.

Company named Amazon, and real nature? Disjointed.

Fast Food companies use our biological urges

Their sales steadily rising, body steadily surges

Down unhealthier paths of existing, appeases.

Need to cook all while causing more serious diseases

When will health become the thing that we cherish and go for?

When will joy be a metric instead of excess score?

So many sell their souls for Material possessions.

While our bodies degrade, so does nature and it’s lessons

Aren’t we better than this? Look up land monoculture.

We need forests, and therapy and rehab, new culture

Our path to destruction of our planet and bodies

Doesn’t have to be it, our fates not in the potty

But meaningful change will take. big transformations

They must. come from culture,

from people,

from nations.

Because health is wealth and this world isn’t healthy

Many broke and miserable, though presented as wealthy

Would rather feel stable of heart and of mind

Instead of just money, the path of the blind.



Cassandra Boom

Trauma-Informed Psychotherapist-in-Training & Editor of The Upside Publication. Podcaster & Poet that’s Radically Honest & Defiantly Happy. Hi!