Boundaries are Trending — Poem №31

A Therapeutic Poetry Series

Cassandra Boom
2 min readMay 17, 2022
Boundaries by Roxy B. From Pixabay

Boundaries are trending
Healing never ending
People stopped pretending
They were fine
How divine

They don’t have to be painful
Boundaries can be gainful
They don’t have to be rude
Abrasive, filled with attitude

There could be gratitude
A respectful exchange
With real peace in your range
They don’t have to feel strange

Odd and awkward, tense or weird
The things that we have feared
They’re probably untrue
By Setting boundaries you are honoring what you do

Honoring who you are
This honor will go far
Inner-sovereign is basking
The audacity of asking
For space
For time
For grace
I’m tired of the neglect

Of love that just suspends
Us From family and friends
Of love that just pretends
Boundaries means hurting ends

Exposing all the pain
Boundaries never in vain
They do not mean “complain”
They mean remaining sane

Composed and full of trust
They mean that you maintain
Some distance if you must

There’s ebb and flow with timing
There’s power in the chiming

On rotation
Make sure you’re defining
Both sides of the equation
Or else it’s an invasion

Benefit of the doubt
It’s hard to live without
Boundaries, tools for the wise
Some people will despise

and that may be a sign
They were crossing the line

They thought that it was fine
Enabled by your kindness
The boundaries you’re setting
Adding vision to the blindness

With boundaries you could feed
The ego you can’t read
Focus on what you need
Please Let go of pass transgressions
Don’t seek out the confessions
Trust, surrender, calm expressions

Boundaries they keep us healthy
When strong it’s like we’re wealthy

Good luck setting you own
You are never alone
Boundaries can help us hone
New friends
Hope you do not postpone
The end



Cassandra Boom

Trauma-Informed Psychotherapist-in-Training & Editor of The Upside Publication. Podcaster & Poet that’s Radically Honest & Defiantly Happy. Hi!