Being a woman – Poem № 2

Cassandra Boom
2 min readJan 8, 2022

Being a woman means 👇

Having less
Being less
And receiving less money
Doing more
All the chores
Isn’t it funny?
When I was small
I had it all
Eldest of two brothers
They had more rights
Sleepovers might
Be something for the others
I’m grateful still
Conviction, will
Never let me surrender
My heart, my pride
My voice? I hide
Most times a good pretender
Your comfort reigns
I hide my pains
To make sure you’re not broken
Obedient kind,
Creative, blind,
Not meant to be outspoken
The amount of Shame
And blame? Just name
The list is never-ending
Despite all of that
I tip my hat
To the ones that do the mending
To heal for real
The whole world would feel
Well-nurtured by the queens and the mothers
May I find a way
To work and play
And get paid just as much as my brothers
I’m outnumbered by men in my family, which meant noticing all of these things
There’s a difference, you know
It gets worse when we grow
May we hold our tongues till it stings
Now I’m raising two beautiful boys
And my Life’s full of laughter and joys
But let’s get one thing clear
We’re all feminists here
Meaning equality and justice for all
Meaning girls shouldn’t have to play small
Meaning proudly speaking up, standing tall
The future will be bright
We will all do this right
The unlearning is part of the fight

  • Poem by yours truly

As a creative exercise I started making up poems on the spot!

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